Art Fund

Independent artists, curators and cultural workers of Ukraine have a right to live, be safe and continue their work.

Kinder Album, Ukraine will resist, 2022

Kateryna Lisovenko, Untitled, 2022

Destroyed Artists studios in Kyiv, 2022

Ilona Kuznetsova, Emerald green, 28.04.20

Piazza Ucraina, UEAF at Venice Biennale, 2022

Piazza Ucraina, UEAF at Venice Biennale 2022

Oleksiy Sai, Explosions, 2022

To deal with the consequences of the Russian invasion and threats the war poses on the Ukrainian art community – (MOCA) Museum of Contemporary Art NGO, in partnership with Zaborona, The Naked Room and Mystetskyi Arsenal established the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.


Today, the world needs free, strong and alive voices of Ukrainian cultural actors more than ever. Our task is to ensure the continuity and development of the Ukrainian cultural process during the war.


One-time financial aid or stipends for up to 3 months for cultural workers (limited number of stipends is available)

Our priorities

  1. Survival/emergency needs:

    support for cultural workers who have remained in Ukraine and urgently need support to ensure a basic standard of living and security.

  2. Development needs:

    to ensure the visibility of Ukrainian culture in Ukraine and abroad, we support cultural workers and artists in Ukraine and those who relocated abroad after the start of a full-scale Russian war against Ukraine. We strive to support:

    • individual creative activity of artists and cultural workers
    • continuity of research of curators, theoreticians, researchers and other cultural workers
    • support packages for NGOs and cultural initiatives to support and enhance their programmes and activities.

We do

  • facilitate support and administer donations offered by international artistic and charity organisations, as well as from private donors;
  • provide support for cultural actors from different sectors( independent artists, curators, arts managers, researchers, writers etc) and cultural NGOs in Ukraine;
  • provide the opportunity to live and work for cultural workers, who decided to stay in Ukraine in order to preserve the cultural heritage of their area (museums, private collections, architectural monuments), etc.
  • globally promote contemporary Ukrainian culture as a powerful instrument for protection of the values of democracy and freedom in the world.

On February 24, Russia started a full-scale war against Ukraine and all of Europe. Since then, the Russian army bombed Ukrainian cities and villages daily, destroying both civilian and military infrastructure. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin terrorised the world with nuclear weapons. Every day dozens of innocent people are killed or injured in Ukraine.

Artists and cultural workers are no exception. They have a right to live, be safe and continue their work.

Financial and operational administration of the fund is done by the (MOCA) Museum of Contemporary Art NGO.

Please find operational reports here


Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) NGO unites representatives of artistic and expert communities working with contemporary art in Ukraine, systematically develops the sphere, and advocates the necessity to create a new type of museum institution in our country. MOCA NGO, as a professional institution, understands the importance of timely creation of an art archive dedicated to Russia's war against Ukraine since 2014 (and full-scale invasion in 2022), which will become an integral part of the collection of the future Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine.

Zaborona is an independent media about social trends and culture in post-socialist countries of Eastern Europe. It provides readers with in-depth reporting of current affairs.

The Naked Room is a contemporary art gallery based in Kyiv, driven by rigorous curatorial programming and aspiration for a legitimate art market in Ukraine. In 2021 the gallery became co-curator of the Ukrainian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022 with the project Fountain of Exhaustion. Acqua Alta by Pavlo Makov.

Mystetskyi Arsenal is the National Art and Culture Museum Complex that was created from the former military facility in 2003. This is symbolic of Ukraine's peaceful сhoice. It brings together various arts – from contemporary art, new music and theater to literature and museum development. Mystetskyi Arsenal is a platform for interaction with the global cultural community through joint cultural projects. During Russia's war against Ukraine it mobilizes its institutional capacities to help other cultural institutions, museums and independent artists in need.